Contra Mundum

Fr. Richard Bradford and the Congregation of Saint Athanasius have published this paper monthly since 1998 to provide religious instruction and news of the congregation. The name of the paper comes from the phrase, “Athanasius contra mundum,” Latin for “Athanasius Against the World.”

Each issue includes articles and sermons by Fr. Bradford, articles and other writings by noted authors, news and notes for the congregation, and announcements of upcoming events. David C. Burt was the original editor and Stephen Cavanaugh is the current editor. Many people within and outside the congregation subscribe. You can have the newspaper mailed to you by sending a message with your address to

The online archives are here.

Volume XIX issues from August 2016 to July 2017, follow.


The August 2016 issue features:

  • “Queen in Service and Love” by Pope Benedict XVI
  • “The Gospel Isn’t Nice” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “God Help Me To Help Them” by John Janaro
  • “Something Was Lost” by Colin Powell
  • The Dignity of Human Life” from the July 2014 newsletter of The Helpers of God’s Precious infants
  • “Icon Of Saint Athanasius” a blessing by Dr. Michael J. Connolly
  • “The Day He Met the Lord” a sermon by Father Bradford

The September 2016 issue features:

  • “Our Lady of Walsingham” a sermon by Father James J. O’Driscoll
  • “No Right to Abortion” from the July 2016 newsletter of The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants
  • “One Day This Woman Was Born” by Charles Péguy from The Portal of the Mystery of Hope
  • “The Year of Mercy” by Saint Caesarius of Arles
  • “The Perfect Symbol of Our Hope” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Ray of Light” by Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

The October 2016 issue features:

  • “Welcome Saint Gregory the Great Members” By Father Bradford
  • “Guardian Angels” by Origen, an Early Church Father from On Prayer, written in 232-235 at Caesarea
  • “Implementing Sacrosanctum Concilium” by Cardinal Sarah at the Sacra Liturgia Conference In London on 5 July 2016
  • “Minds Disordered By Sin” by the Provost in the June 2016 issue of The Oratory Parish Magazine, the parish paper of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “Sabbath Attitude” by Blessed John Henry Newman
  • “Absolutely Splendid Lepers!” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Proving of the Cake” by Dom Bernard Clements, OSB
  • “The Prayer of Quiet” by Saint Theresa of Avila

The November 2016 issue features:

  • “Media Vita in Morte Sumus” by Deacon Michael J. Connolly
  • “The Four Last Things” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Curtains of Heaven Are Transparent” by the Provost in the November 2012 issue of The Oratory Magazine, a Publication of the Brompton (London) Oratory
  • “He Is Not Even Baptized” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “Lighting His Brother’s Taper” an excerpt from The Great Exemplar Of Sanctity And Holy Life (1657) by Jeremy Taylor, an Anglican cleric and one of the greatest prose writers in the English language

The December 2016 issue features:

  • “Are You the Christ?” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “A Road on Which We Travel” by Saint Bernard
  • “God’s Plan To Reverse the Ancient Curse” by Father Romanus Cessario, OP
  • “Advent Saints” by Blessed Jacobus De Voraigne
  • “Happiness in My Priesthood” by Father John McCormick
  • “The Holy Family” by Servant Of God, Chiara Lubich 

The January 2017 issue features:

  • “Stewardship of Creation” an address by Pope Benedict XIV
  • “A Visible Church” a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Epiphany Star” by Saint Gregory the Great
  • “To Make The Water Holy” by Saint Maximus Of Turin
  • “The Church Fathers I Never Saw (Part 2)” by Marcus Grodi

The February 2017 issue features:

  • “In The Know,”a sermon by Father Bradford
  • “The Flower” a poem by George Herbert
  • “Unceasing Remembrance of God” by Saint John Cassian
  • “Pre-Lent, Septuagesima” by J. W. C. Wand
  • “The Strength and Love of Jesus” by Sister Wendy Beckett
  • “Created for Prayer” by Tito Colliander
  • “Reformed after the Fashion of Christ” by Father Bede Jarrett, OP

The March 2017 issue features:

  • “Grow in Your Love of Jesus,” a lenten message from George Cardinal Pell
  • “The Business of the Soul,” a sermon from Father Bradford
  •  “A Generous Spirit Is Great Wealth” by Saint Leo the Great
  • “Purifying Sorrow” by Father Walter Hilton
  • “Deeper Renunciation” by Abbot Andrew Marr
  • “Christ the True High Priest”by Origen
  • “Part of the Family” by Séan Patrick Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap., Archbishop of Boston

The April 2017 issue features:

  • “Who Spake by the Prophets” by Reverend Deacon Michael J. Connolly
  • “The Shadow Of Christ,” an excerpt from Spirituality by Father Sertillanges (1863–1948), a French Dominican philosopher and writer
  • “The Hour For Which He Came,” an excerpt by Bishop Robert Barron from And Now I See
  • “Unshakable Serenity,” and excerpt from Mirror of Charity by Saint Aelred, considered the most influential English monk of the 12th century
  • “Children, Have Ye Any Meat?,” sermon by Father Richard Bradford