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Read the latest news and announcements for our community and the Ordinariate.

Our dear Father Barnes on the Priesthood…

WE ARE GRATEFUL our Community has been blessed by the friendship and pastoral care of a number of remarkable Priests of the Archdiocese, fulfilling Pope Benedict's desire that Ordinariate communities be fully integrated into the life of the larger Church yet remain true to their own particular tradition and charism. The most recent is our current Pastor… Read More

Communion under both Species Suspended owing to ‘Flu…

Father Bradford has received word from His Eminence Cardinal O'Malley that Reception of the Precious Blood in the Archdiocese will be suspended owing to the severity of this season's influenza. When it is deemed prudent to resume Communion under both Species notice will appear here… Read More

Our Verger’s JOURNEY HOME episode now available ONLINE

Last night's episode of THE JOURNEY HOME, featuring Saint Gregory the Great's founding Verger, is already available online! You can view it in high-definition on The Coming Home Network's website here; it is also uploaded to YouTube. The program will also be rebroadcast on EWTN this Friday at one in the afternoon… Read More

Our Founding Verger on EWTN TONIGHT at 8PM EST….

Enquiring minds might wonder how a very traditional birth Catholic found himself spending a good quarter of a century among a species of Christians he previously didn't  know existed — "anglocatholics" — and has ended up a full member of the new portion of the Church erected by Pope Benedict specifically for Anglicans and Episcopalians… Read More

Father Bradford ill with the ‘flu; Mass Celebrated this Sunday as usual

Dear Fellow members of Saint Gregory and Friends: Father Bradford has just sent word that he has been ill with the 'flu. He writes he has been spared the more uncomfortable aspects of the disease but is experiencing great fatigue (which his physician tells him is a feature of this year's strain), such that he cancelled his appointments and… Read More

Our Verger on THE JOURNEY HOME this Monday…

Saint Gregory the Great's Founding Verger Kevin McDermott will be Marcus Grodi's guest on EWTN's program THE JOURNEY HOME this Monday, January 22nd. Airing at 8 o'clock in the evening EST, the show repeats at 1 in the morning on Tuesday and again the following Friday at 1 in the afternoon. The episode will appear online in about a… Read More

“No room at the inn”…Really? (hint: not really).

Centuries of tradition — especially for Europeans, whose traditions have arisen thousands of miles away, and in very different geographic and social conditions, from where those Events occurred — often have produced different thoughts about what Scripture reports than the understandings Christians in the middle east preserve and what archeology, conducted over the last century or so, allows us… Read More

Two Short Christmas Reflections from Cardinal Newman

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman is especially revered in the Ordinariate for his personal history: although raised in the evangelical wing of the Anglican church he became one of the Anglican Divines who founded the Oxford Movement in the mid-Nineteenth century (which sought to restore Catholic practice within Anglicanism) and, as a result of his… Read More

“Do you see what I see?” — Advent with Father David Barnes

Saint Gregory the Great's first home in the Church was in Beverly during the Pastorship of Father David Barnes: he was a true Barnabas to our young community and remains a great friend. As God willed it, our time together was mostly in the years before we became a Eucharistic community; within a year of our… Read More

Fr. Christopher Phillips on Sapientia-tide — (that’s “right now”)

Father Christopher Phillips, a transplanted New Englander who founded San Antonio's Our Lady of the Atonement in the 1980s (now happily a parish of the Ordinariate) has written a short, informative, post on Sapientia-tide (otherwise, "the Great 'Oes'"). Most of us are familiar with the Great Oes the beautiful Advent carol O Come, O Come Emmanuel...translated from… Read More

Mass for the Immaculate Conception is THURSDAY…

Please note that our Mass for the Immaculate Conception (a Holy Day of Obligation) will be a VIGIL MASS, celebrated on Thursday, December 7th, at 7:30 in the evening, as the church will be being used on the feast day by the congregation of Saint Lawrence. Our vigil Mass in the Divine Worship form of… Read More

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to Sign Up for Dinner at Still River…

Remember ALL members of our blended community — the people of Saint Gregory the Great as well as those of Saint Athanasius — rejoice equally at the twentieth anniversary of Saint Athanasius' founding, and are ALL invited to celebrate it with the monks of Saint Benedict Abbey in Still River. The Prior has generously followed his… Read More