Each of Fr. Liias’ homilies has a page where you can listen to it online or download it to your own computer or other device, as well as view the Order of Service for that day’s Mass.

“The Summer of Ephesians,” Part One: The Engagement Ring

Perhaps Paul's last epistle; his theology in full bloom (but an unlikely place for a garden). What a journey! — and a Jesus who just keeps on a-growing... LVMEN ASIÆ: an armchair tour of Ephesus. "The most monstrous sentence conglomeration I ever met in the Greek language" turns out to be…something else (and a model… Read More

Faith, Part Two: Varieties of Faith

Setting the stage. Polarities — Grace and Faith. Can God's power be limited? Faith: what is it? A mind ordered to Truth: the importance of a true understanding of God. From the mind to the heart — etymologies in several languages make the point. Faith fleshed out. Query: when did the Red Sea part? "Cooperating… Read More

Faith, Part One: The Touch of Faith

Multiple choice question: a) A story within a story; b) a story interrupted; c) a story about interruptions; d) all of the above... Plans and paradoxes (you're not the only one making plans) — the divine appointment book. Paradoxes piled on paradoxes (medico-legal bureau). The doorway marked "Despair" (with a few great stories of those… Read More

“Peace! Be Still!”

Father Richard Bradford, Chaplain of our sister of the Anglican Use, the Congregation of Saint Athanasius, returned to Celebrate our Mass in Father Liias' absence. His homily, on the stilling of the storm on the sea of Galilee, starts in the Gardner Museum…before slipping (like Alice in Wonderland) through the stolen Rembrandt's empty frame to lead us… Read More

“Now, my tongue, the mystery telling…”

A special tradition for the feast. Sine dominico non possumus: Dying to go to Mass. Johnny Gold-mouth says his piece. First Communions: a notorious sinner (of seven years' age...) and two Episcopalian-convert Roman Catholic priests. A quick trip to the 17th Century, and then: to the moon (with Buzz, not with Alice). "Therefore we, before Him bending...." — Dom Gregory… Read More

A Ramble through Matthew 28:16–20

Expository Sermons: an Anglican tradition. Which mountain? (including various "whys" — Water; Glory; and the Law). Something unique to Matthew's Gospel (with a repetition of repetitions...welcome to the Scriptural Hall of Mirrors.) Today's Greek lesson: "worship" (verb, active). Those doubting Disciples — and why we should be grateful for their, uh: "model." Virtues of doubt… Read More

Living Water

Pentecost. The Holy Spirit and its metaphors: wind, fire, breath...and water. Which feast? Our Lord's words illuminated through Temple liturgy (and what it represented). More water: the Samaritan woman. The thirsty Psalmist. Pneumatology in St. John — and back to the Temple courtyard (via Golgotha). A jungle in the desert. Seeds, desire, and the missing… Read More

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity and its Fruit

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity — what it is; when it is — and why it is so important to the Ordinariate. Father Lewis Wattson; like father, like son: American Anglocatholic Anglopapalists. "At-One-Ment." Graymoor. The week — and dynamic — between Peter and Paul. "Resourcement." Vatican II; 50 years of ecumenical dialogue; then… Read More

The Holy Estate of Matrimony

A number of firsts. "The Tribulation of the Tribunal" — why? Faithful witness: Ecclesial and personal. Results — the past, drawn up into the Paschal Mystery; the future, on a new footing — 'til death do you part! You have a very good matchmaker (whether you know it or not). "The Stupidest Line in ANY… Read More

THE Great Miracle!

"Mary's Sunday." Saint Ephrem. Theology in odd places…about God in odd places. Our Lord's first home. Sanctification of the womb. The etymology of "obedience" (in several languages) — and why it matters. The nature of true freedom; the need for Grace to achieve it. AVE FIT EX EVA: The Great Reversal. Not only what…but how: "Passive… Read More

“But He will baptize with the Holy Spirit”

An important figure appears: in Advent; in the New Testament; and in his own time. What we know — and a shrewd guess — about the Baptist's life. His three teachings about Jesus. The mystery revealed: John's prophecy recalled; announced; and fulfilled. Its results. A little-known necessity for the Christian life. The need for continuing… Read More

Advent — Past; Present; and Yet To Come

Happy New Year! Varieties of time. Liturgical time: weaving our life together with Christ's. Bad photography makes good theology. "Hail Mary, really full of Grace!" Honest atheism; a people of Hope. Pregnancy…again. "What's taking so long?" — Is it?…get out your calendar: the end times? — you bet! (it's all a matter of perspective). Emmanuel : God with us…in many ways. Maranatha… Read More

Final Exam Review Session

A great — and eschatalogical — summing up [cue Handel]. A quite new Feast of the Church — and why. "The Spiritual Father of the Twentieth Century;" his dictum; and its results. The structure of Matthew's Gospel. Jesus' last teaching: three parables of judgement. Prepare and persevere. An existential decision. "It isn't fair!" — and… Read More


A banquet refused — a rare opportunity seized. Common Property; common sense: Paging Dr. Spock? Two kinds of revelation. Author! Author! — The Man that Nobody Knows. The second most important decision of your life — however, a few words in praise of "the other side of the coin" to start with. A short course… Read More

“Will God Indeed Dwell with Man on Earth?”

Why the Vatican isn't quite what you probably think it is — (and what is). A Church — and Feast — for all of us. A thread running straight through the Bible. The Patriarchs — strange meetings; shrines; a mountain. Years of travelling; finally: a home. The wisest man in the world asks a question — and… Read More

All Souls’ Day

The Month of the Holy Souls begins with All Saints. The Age of Martyrs far from over… Who is a Saint — and why? Friends in Heaven (and in the Confessional, sometimes, it seems). A Protestant "Holy Day" — no, really! The Thirty-Nine Articles and The Catechism face off on Purgatory (with Gregory the Great… Read More