Formation and Teaching

Three-Day Lenten Mission This Starts This Friday…

We are very blessed to welcome an old friend of Father Bradford and the Congregation of Saint Athanasius as featured homilist for a three-day Lenten Mission which begins this Friday, continues through the great Feast of the Annunciation of our Lord — familiarly, "Lady-Day" — and which will end with our Mass on Sunday morning. Details of events… Read More

A New Reach for Reunion: What is the Anglican Ordinariate?

Robert Webber, a professor at the evangelical Wheaton College, chronicled the phenomenon in a book called Evangelicals on the Canterbury Trail, co-written with Lester Ruth, while noted evangelical scholar, Thomas Howard, gave his own witness on the trail in his now classic, Evangelical is Not Enough. Disenchanted with the limitations of American evangelicalism and attracted… Read More

George Weigel on Saint Francis and the Church Today

Our dear hermit Brother Rex Norris sends this excellent essay, originally delivered in London last October, on the historical Saint Francis of Assisi; the proliferation of "false Francises" created to shill for a host of surprisingly contradictory causes over the centuries; and what the true Franciscan message and method can teach us with regard to the… Read More

Is Advent a Penitential Season? (spoiler: “no.”)

...but, as always, there's more than enough room for penance in it. Seminarian Joe Heschmeyer — a received Protestant whose intention in studying Catholicism was to prove its falsity — provides an excellent overview of the season in this post to his highly-recommended blog SHAMELESS POPERY; you may wish to subscribe while there… Read More

Bishop Barron on S Thomas More, Pope Benedict, and Democracy…

Halfway between the Martyrdoms of S John Cardinal Fisher (June 22, chosen as the Feast for both Saints) and S Thomas More (July 6) seems a good time to post this video by then Father, now Bishop, Robert Barron (of the excellent CATHOLICISM television series). He talks about his favorite film, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS: the… Read More

The Seven Promises of a Member of Saint Gregory…

During this year's annual Community Retreat, just ended, one of the major points under consideration was making serious plans for providing for Father Liias' replacement, our next Priest. Saint Gregory the Great requires ONE thing to be a Catholic, Eucharistic community: a Priest; without one, we can be no more than a pious fellowship. To do so… Read More

Bishop Lopes’ Pastoral Letter — THE HOLY EUCHARIST : The Mystery of Faith

Our Bishop has produced a Pastoral Letter for Corpus Christi on the Eucharist which is wide-ranging; deeply Catholic; and learned regarding the history and Patrimony of Anglicanism: while ascending to the Heavens, our Bishop also takes time to praise his flock for their fortitude in entering full communion and urges them to continue in their… Read More

Summer Bible Study on the Holy Spirit

A Friday night series on the Holy Spirit will be led by Corrine and Ev starting on June 10th at the McDermott's and run for six to eight weeks.  The recommended book is Your Life in the Holy Spirit: What Every Catholic Needs to Know and Experience by Alan Schreck. Please let Corrine (email) or Ev (email) know if you will be coming to… Read More

Sunday Morning Catechesis and Morning Prayer

"Working His Purpose Out" is the subject for our Adult Sunday Morning Catechesis. The first part, "Just Who Is This Man Jesus: The Early Councils," will take place over five Sundays in May and June to be followed by Morning Prayer. John Covert, assisted by Ed Finglas, will begin offering short catechetical lectures and discussions… Read More

Looking for a good book or two? Look no further!

Our good friend Leila Lawler’s blog LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER is always a good read — and today’s post is on “good reads” — how to decide which Catholic books might be…well, just that: "It's all a matter of trust, and why would I trust just any old book to be my spiritual reading? After… Read More

Pope Benedict’s THE SPIRIT OF THE LITURGY…with our friend Leila!

Our dear friend Leila Lawler is continuing her "internet book club" reading, going from Romano Guardini's book of the same title — which they read during Lent, and whose posts you can "binge read" on her wonderful blog LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER — and starting the future Pope Benedict XVI's THE SPIRIT OF THE LITURGY… Read More

What’s all this about AMORIS LÆTITIA?

Pope Francis' recent Apostolic Exhortation has — as usual — created a great stir both within the Church and in the World; it is possible to read articles which state exactly opposite conclusions about what it "means." Click the link above the read concise commentary by Raymond Cardinal Burke. "How then is the document to be… Read More

Tamely, frail body, abstain to-day; to-day My soul eats twice, Christ hither and away.

Our dear friend Leila Lawler — of the excellent blog LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER — points towards this informative meditation on the fact today, March 25th, is both the date of the Annunciation and — this year — Good Friday. This occurred in 1910; 1921; 1932; and 2005 — and will not happen again for 141 years… Read More

Saint Athanasius (Reading) Men’s Group

Our brother Chuck Cabral (who has been attending our Mass with his lovely wife and family recently) has been good enough to add the men of our community to the mailing list of the men's group of Saint Athanasius, Reading. Last month's topic was inspired by one of Father Liias' homilies; this month's by a… Read More

How to Pray the Rosary

A handout prepared for the 2012 catechesis on the Rosary was a practical booklet containing the texts and instructions necessary for learning the most common form of the devotion, the Dominican Rosary, together with a peep at some of the most common variations and additions. Click the link to view a PDF version, updated to reflect… Read More

More About the Rosary

Those who were active in our community in July 2012 may well have attended the catechesis on the history, theology, and practice of the Rosary presented by Saint Gregory's current Verger; this being the month of the Rosary, together with Fr. Liias' request for a Novena based on the devotion made this seem an apt… Read More